Bodyguard - Breakthrough Innovation in personal security

We are building a Bodyguard to takecare of your security
When you press the button BODYGUARD alerts the emergency service, your emergency contacts, & people nearby

We wanted to make you safer on the streets. So we created Bodyguard. In your day-to-day life, Bodyguard is simply an accessory, to clip on your watch, wallet, cloths or keychain. That's because it doesn't change your life until it needs to. Once clicked, its power is unleashed, making sure you always have a guardian if you need one. Bodyguard connects you to the your personal emergency contacts, and our global network of Bodyguards.
So please read on, join us in making communities safer, challenge By supporting our crowfunding campaign

Neighbourhood Watch for the Mobile Generation:

With the BODY GUARD you know your friends, other users and emergency services are only a click away.

Here is what our BETA testers had to say:

‘Its good to know that I have a BODY GUARD to protect me if something goes wrong when I am walking home’ – Jayasudha

‘I want to give one to each of my daughters - the younger one has just started walking home from school by herself. I would feel a lot less worried knowing that I would be the first to be contacted if she felt unsafe.’- Raja

How BODYGUARD works?

how bodyguard works

If you’re in trouble, simply click the button - a message will immediately be sent, with your exact location, to your safety guardians. BODYGUARD can also be activated with a touch if used with a smartphone. The shape makes sure its impossible to activate by accident, but easy to do on purpose.



With BODYGUARD you choose your own personal emergency contacts . Select family members and friends who will get a message and your location if in need.



In daily life, you don't know when you’ll have to call for back-up. We’re here for the moments you can’t predict. In any safety scrape or health scare, aid is a press away.

As a BODYGUARD backer you can know your loved ones are safe and protected. Whether they’re walking to school, or leaving to university for the first time, you’ll be the first to know if they raise an alarm.

BODYGUADRD is also here to protect you as you push your limits. Make sure your morning run, or mountain bike trail, or on a solo trip is only solitary when you want it to be by taking your BODYGUARD with you.

The simple click procedure of BODYGUARD is a reliable way to call for help if health complications prevent you from using traditional means.

If you’re more advanced in age, and want to safeguard your independence, BODYGUARD forms a discreet safety net, conveniently in reach.



BODYGUARD come in a series of colours so you can also safeguard your style. Choose blue, pink, black or white, with a matte or metallic finish – so form doesn't come second to function.

The product you see before you is the result of rigorous development. We’ve sourced only the most reliable parts, including batteries that last all year. The BODYGUARD itself has been made as sleek and compact as possible to seamlessly fit into your daily life.


Our commitment is to create technology that will not fail you for the best possible price (our RRP is about 60% lower than similar devices on the market). The app is simple to use, available on iPhone and Android. Connect your BODYGUARD to your phone using Bluetooth and follow the steps to set up your profile.

We wanted to make you safer on the streets. So we created Bodyguard.

Now we need your help to bring it to life

We became certain that by using technology to help us, we could make our community feel safer. This idea was just the tip of the iceberg, since conception they’ve been tirelessly developing and designing these discs to put our desire into action. Now we need your help to bring it to life. Donate

  • Cost to build the prototypes 25000 INR
  • Cost to build the app 10,000 INR
  • Cost for test the device10,000 INR
  • Marketing 5000 INR
Total 50000 INR

functions on most iPhone and Android phones.

Our app is designed to minimise battery loss, so having it running in the background of your phone all day should only make a small percentage of difference.

Yes- we want people the world over to be able to benefit from BODYGUARD. All you need is phone signal and a smart phone.

We don’t share any of your data with anyone except the emergency services, and your ‘In Case of Emergency’ contacts. We only keep your location data for 30 minutes, unless you call for help, in which case we get your current location and start tracking you until we know you are safe.

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